Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nails of the Night

Nails of the Night

Base Coat & Top Coat: Both OPI
Color Featured: Covergirl Glossy Days GlossTini in the color #GlowStick
Accent Nail: Sally Hansen Salon Perfect 120 Golden Rule

I'm so excited that the new Covergirl Collection is finally out. This color was calling my name! 
I know I have a lot of pink nail polishes already in my collection but I just couldn't resist. 
At first yes the bottle is SUPER only get .11 oz ( 3.5 ml) and they do retail for $2.99 BUT being the nail polish lover that I am I just couldn't say no. 
I was really surprised and impressed that the first coat wasn't streaky. The formula is nice and opage (i still don't know how to spell that word) I probably could have gotten away with just one coat but with any nail polish I usually like to do two coats for good measure. 
As for the accent nail I kinda wanted to keep it bare underneath..I love the sparkle polish and I use it fairly often. 
So all in all this polish is a winner and two big thumbs up. They do have I believe 10 colors in the collection. 

Check out my Haul Video where I feature a couple different products from that collection as well. 

That's all I have for today

Love and Lipstick Katie

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nails of the Night

Nails of the Night
Base Coat: OPI Base coat
Color Blue: Rimmel Salon Pro 447 Barmy Blue
^ Covergirl Outlast Stay Brillant 225 Perfect Penny
Top Coat: OPI 

 I'm actually surprised to say that I do not have a color quit like this navy blue color in my nail polish collection. Whenever I go shopping and see all the different nail polish colors I always say to myself 'well g i already have a nail polish color like that." This beautiful navy blue color is just gorgeous. At first coat it went on a little streaky which personally I can over look but once the second coat finished drying the color itself is MUCH more intense. During the warmer spring and summer months it's hard for me to not wear anything neon but for some strange reason i'm just drawn to this navy blue color. I did find the Rimmel Nail Polish in CVS. I'm not sure if any other drug stores have them..yet? 
As far as the Covergirl Polish I do not have any complaints. I have a couple other colors from their line and all are just amazing. You could deff get away with just one coat because they are very intense.  However the only thing I'm not too much of a fan is the squareness of the bottle...that sounds odd I know but I like the feeling of a more traditional shaped bottle. 
Little things like these though of course I can over look because both colors are worth it. 

Daily Thoughts:
34 more days till Hawaii. 
I met a women yesterday at work who had over 400 nail polishes....yeah... 

till next time...
Love & Lipstick....Katie

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nails of the Night

Nails of the Night 

Base Coat: Sinful Basecoat
TopCoat: OPI Top Coap
Light Color Pink: Maybelline Color Show in Lust for Lilac 165
Accent Nail: Essie in Penny Talk
Polka Dots: 
Essie in Mod Square
Sinful Colors in Snow me white
Essie in Penny Talk

So I'm on the fence with the formula for the Maybelline Color. It went on kinda ish streaky and it looks just a tad bit funky on the bottom parts of my nails. I feel you would really have to make sure you have a smooth surface before you apply this nail polish. As for the color though I really do like it. I've been obsessed with the color radiant orchid these past couple of days and although this color isn't exactly what I wanted I think it looks comes into the radiant orchid family. I'm super picky when it comes to that color specifically but more on that later. 

As for the polka dots I used my Orly Dotting tool. You can use a simple bobby pin if you do not have a dotting tool to get the same effect. You can purchase dotting tools from Sally Beauty supply or 

Daily thoughts: 
* I'm so happy spring is right around the corner! 
* Work is just so blah these past couple of days. 
* 79 more days till Hawaii

Love & Lipstick ~ Katie 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Review Mondays

Avon BB Cream

I feel like it's been forever yes i know since I've posting 
anything on here so I feel if I make a new series on here it'll motivate me to actually stick to something. 
Review Mondays: Every monday I will be posting a review on a different makeup products. 
with that being said I will also try to do more nails of the night ( I typically do my nails late at night before I go to bed incase you were wondering) ANYWAY

This monday I will be talking about : 
Avon Ideal Flawless BB (Beauty Balm) Cream 

General Basics:

What size it it? 1 fl oz or 30mL
Does it contain sunscreen? yes, SPF 15
Where can I buy it? or your local avon representative 
How many shades are available? 5 shades
How much does it cost? The price varies depending on what campaign booklet you are looking at BUT it's estimated between $7 to $10. 
What color am I in? Light Medium 
Coverage: Medium to Full 

This is a small little 1 fl oz tube with a screw top where you squeeze out the product.  A little goes a long way. 
I love the black color to it with the bright pink BB letters on the front. Plain and simple and nothing too crazy. 

First Impression: 
I've tried different BB creams in the past and they are all just OK to me but when I first applied this one I was very impressed! However I was a little reluctant because I have a more olive skin tone and thought I was going to be too dark but after blending out the product it matched me perfectly.

It has a lightless to it and blends super easy. It is not at all a very thick type of cream where it feels heavy on the face. 
The Light Medium shade does have a light yellow undertone to it as well. 

I would compare this to the Maybelline BB cream but way better coverage and a tad bit thicker in consistency. 

How do I apply it? 
My favorite way to apply this product is to just put little dots of it all over my face (including my cheeks, forehead, chin etc) 
I use my Real Techniques Buffing brush to blend the product in to make sure it is evenly distributed. 
I have normal to oily skin and was so surprised how well the coverage lasted all day. I did not experience any shininess nor did not have to blot throughout the day. 
(Picture shows below shows product blended out) 

Overall Rating 1 to 5
4: I gave this product a 4 because I'm still testing it out with certain primers and powders and it is still a newer piece in my collection. I do want to test this product out further in a more hotter/ humid climate to really get a sense how it will hold up. 

Worth it/ Recommend? 
YES! I think if you give this product a try you will be just as impressed as I was. I would recommend this product 100% for anyone who does have normal to oily skin. As for the people with dry skin just make you use a light moisturizer and your good to go.

Have you tried out this product? 
let me know in the comments down below

Love & Lipstick