Monday, March 12, 2012

ATM: Blush!

Hi Everyone! Ok so basically I remembered that I had an account for this website and now that I'm getting into makeup so much more I thought what a better way to start my very own beauty Blog. Now I know it's not that impressive yet. I still have to work out how I want the whole layout to look but yeah so It's pretty basic so far. I added just a few colors here and there for now so yeah. Anyway now to the good stuff =) I kinda wanted to give a little background of me first before I start heading to the makeup section. I live in New York, I go to school full time studying computer repair technology while I work full time at a local drug store as a beauty advisor. I absolutely love my friends to death we've been through so much together and I can't believe we are all in our 20s now! Like I've said I've always been interested in makeup but now that I've been obsessed with youtube it's like the obsession is in full gear. I love trying out new products whether they are hair care, skin care, nail polish, lotion makeup whatever it may be. I just want to maybe have a little disclaimer that I am not an expert nor a 'guru' ( I would consider myself an exceptional user of any product) but I'm mainly doing this for you guys. For the everyday user if maybe you are unsure what color to match with your eyeshadow with your lips. I really want to make this blog the best that it can be and i hope you guys stay tuned in what I have to offer in the Beauty/Makeup world. Ok so time for my first real review. Physician Formula Cashmere Wear Ulta Smoothing Blush in Rose
So the packaging is really cute. I like how they didn't make it a modern circle flip top. It has a little pink tassel on the side for easy opening. The brown velvet is super smooth and very compact.
On in the inside they made 3 different shades of pink. The 2 on the ends are the same color with having a brick like texture pattern. The lighter medium color (left middle) has a leaf live pattern that has a little shimmer to it. The lightest color (right middle) has a rope like pattern with just a tint of shimmer. Combining these colors give such a beautiful glow with the mix of 'darker' and ligher hues.
On the back they of course added a mirror and a brush. I would really only recommend using the brush if you are someone who is always on the go. I always a regular blush brush like the one from Elf and or Revlon. I feel like those can give you much more coverage with better blending qualities. The brush that comes with this blush however is thin yet will still get the job done. This is my new favorite blush especially for the spring time (even though every blush is my favorite) I feel like girls with even a ligher skin tone can use this with a lighter hand or even girls with a dark complexion can build up for that extra pink pop. So I hope you guys enjoyed reading my first real beauty blog. I will be doing tons more in the coming months and I hope you guys stay tuned. I will link down to my person facebook & twitter if anyone is interested. See you next time. Facebook: Twitter: @Katiegal1791


  1. Which blush do you like better? This one or the one with violet in it with the hearts?-Erin

  2. lol hi erin lol
    I love the happy booster blush. I feel like that one is a little bit more like the pink you find from a post it note where as the cashmere blush is more a baby pink. So it really depends on what type of pink I'm going for that day.