Thursday, July 19, 2012

Travel Makeup

Hey guys Katie Here aka PutYourMakeUpOn I'm an apspring youtube Beauty Guru and still a newbie blogger.
Planning weekend trips are always fun especially with some awesome friends. With a lazy schedule and the long car ride there I still wanna make sure that I look my best. Now of course I can't bring my entire makeup collection with me so I'm bringing just the essentials. Here are a few of my personal favorites.
Let's start with moisturizer. I've been liking the X out shine control oil-free formula (.75 fl oz.) I received this cute little sample travel size in my GlamBag and I love it! I personally have pretty oily to combination skin and I love any type of product that helps me look well not so shiny. Non greasy formula, hardly no scent and absorbes quickly. It doesn't help with acne persay but I do notice a difference verse no moisturizer at all. Next we have foundation.
My current favorite foundation is the Neutrogena Skin Clearing oil-free makeup. (I'm in the shade #40 Nude.) Now I do have acne prone skin but what I love about this foundation that it doesn't feel heavy. I'm not at all of a fan of foundations that it feels like you have foundation on just sitting on your skin even if you are wearing a primer. Although I do apply a light amount it still feels like my skin is able to breathe. It has a very natural finish with medium coverage. If you have a bit more acne then I do with some red spots here and there you still might have to go in with a concealer. what I also love about this makeup it doesn't have that headache smelling scent (you know what I'm talking about) Speaking of acne next we have concealer/Under eyes
For the face I love using the Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-In-1 concealer under eyes BUT i actually use this on my little zits. It does work pretty well and has enough coverage where it still gives me that natural look. Specially for under the eyes I use the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller. I have used multiple products cause man let me tell you my dark circles are pretty dark. I keep going back to this one because the coverage is pretty light but it really does get the job done. I love using my ring fingers too to blend it in and bring it a little further down to brighten up that area. Next we have powder  
Now of course we've all seen this in the land of youtube and if your familiar with Mac, the Mineralize SkinFinish is no surprise. Now I have to tell you when I first heard about this product I really didn't see the big deal. I kept thinking that why would I spend more money on powder when I could get the same product in the drug store for cheaper. Let me tell you boy was I wrong! You'r probably thinking it's just powder...what's the big deal? It's like they say in real estate location location location..well in the makeup world; quality packaging price. It has a cashmere baby soft quality to it yet still giving your skin that perfect finish. I sometimes wear it alone but most of the time I wear it on top of my foundation. The packaging is compact which is a key for traveling (and i secretly LOVE how it doesn't come with those icky sponges...who uses those anyway?) The price however for me it was worth it. On the Mac website i believe it is around $30 but if your willing to spend the money I guarantee you'll see a difference. Moving on how I apply my face products.
I am in LOVE with realTechniques brushes. They are just so soft and such great quality and affordable. Particularly my three favorites: the powder brush, (which I use with My Mac MSF) the buffing brush (use for applying foundation for that airbrush finish) and the shading brush (for concealer) These brushes really do get the job done in such an effortless fashion. Need I say more? Moving on to blush
I've been loving the Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink blush. It has a soft peachy like color. (and honestly looks so pretty on tan skin) Matte finish too! The packaging however isn't my favorite. I may put a little piece a tap just in case it doesn't open in my bag but needless to say the the color is just too pretty not to wear. Moving on to the eyes
So I'm taking with me my Maybelline Limited Edition Prima Pink Palette. (Sorry if the while balance is a little off in the picture) Moving from left to right the base color is a soft beige color, to the top right is a pretty baby soft pink color which is nice for a highlight/inner corner color, bottom right is a super pretty purple and on the very bottom is a soft brown color. All matte. I almost forget to mention my eye shadow brushes (sorry no picture) I'll be using the simple Mac 217 brush which is perfect for an all over lid color which still working the purple into the crease. Drawing a line
Eyeliner time! I love the L`Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Black. Perfect for the waterline too! Just a simple eyeliner that is foolproof. The eyes have it!
I feel like the Covergirl Last Blast Mascara is a staple in ANY collection and well I think we all know why. It has a rubber head that coats every lash yet doesn't wheigh your delicate lashes down. Giving that full, glamorous effect its a thumbs up in my book. Gimmmie a kiss sugar
So I'm going to bring two colors with me. First is the New L`Oreal Colour Riche lipstick (718 Blushing Sequin) It almost reminds me of some of the Essie bright polishes. It's sheer at first but depending how bright you want it, it is buildable. I like to apply a few coats..let it dry and add a few more. (If you really want some extra added staying power try adding a little dab of powder on your lips before hand. This will absorb any moisture in your lips which makes the lipstick easier to come off which we don't want)  Next is Mac in Girl About Town. It has a fuchsia and blue undertone to it which I think will look pretty on any skin tone. Take it off
At the end of the day wiping all this off just feels so good and I love doing this with My Yes to cucumbers soothing hypoallergenic facial towelettes. I love how these come in small little packets (10 cnt) which is perfect for traveling. Parben free, Biodegradable and free from Petroleum. Want an extra cooling effect? Try sticking these in your fridge! Bonus skin care : Fun in the sun!
A summer weekend gateway isn't complete without a day at the beach and what girl doesn't love getting her tan on yet still staying protected. I love using the Banana Boat deep Tanning Oil (yes i know the SPF 4 which is on the lower side but don't fret I"m not gonna be in the sun all day long!) Smells good too! Tanning oil is all preference really and this just gets the job done if i'm only gonna be in the sun for a little while yet still giving me that nice tan glow. For the real protection I grab my Neutrogena Ulta Sheer Dry Touch sunblock SPF 30. I love how fast it absorbs and doesn't have the greasy finish. I think that's everything! I'm so excited for my weekend getaway =) What are some of your favorite travel essentials?

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