Thursday, January 3, 2013


I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and a wonderful new years eve.
I am so sorry I have been absent these past couple of days. Work is just taking over my life right now (this big promotion is supposed to happen in march) but anyway

Where I am right now on youtube:

Basically I am waiting to get my makeup room done. Lots of decor to buy and all that jazz.
I'm in the market for a camera so I can actually make videos. Honestly the videos I have on my channel just completely suck lol and my editing skills as of right now are horrible so yes many things to work on in the new year. But I recently came across some new gurus that actually have jobs so yeah if they can do it so can I. Maybe i'll consider this a second job...?

so Yeah nothing beauty related today.
I just wanted to say all that so if ANYONE here is actually reading this and actually cares so yeah that's wehre i am at.

See you soon xoxo

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